Love your allotment is the beginning of what will prove to be a fabulous year of gardening activity for all our children. Every class has an allotment and will be planning, planting and tending their plants throughout the year, with a harvest of good food to follow. To start off the year, we have had a competition for each of the classes. The entries can be seen on the allotments, and the pictures are here too.

The winners are at the bottom of the page !!!!


Reception class


The judges said,

” What a lovely, topical entry from Reception children. It is very colourful and everyone has contributed. Well done.”

Class 1

class 1

The judges said,

” This entry would definitely scare away those crows. It has a good traditional look to it. Well done.”


Class 2

class 2

The judges said,

” What a creative entry, it is very informative and every child contributed. Well done, Class 2.”


Class 3

class 3

The judges said,

” What a beautifully coloured entry. You have put in a lot of effort to this. Well done , Class 3.”


Class 4

class 4

The judges said,

” This really represents Fairway, it has been beautifully stuffed with straw in the traditional manner and is standing with it’s arms spread out to protect his ‘patch’.” Well done, Class 4.


Class 5

class 5

The judges said,

” This is so colourful and your whole class has been involved. You have been very inventive and used the school emblem. It is a modern take on a traditional classic. Well done, Class 5′”


Class 6

class 6

The judges said,

” This is very attractive, thoughtful and detailed. You have been very creative. well done, Class 6.”


And the winners are…….

Year 5

They were chosen as having the necessary attributes for a scarecrow, with a modern twist and has been personalised to represent Fairway.

Well done Mrs Hammett Kay, Mrs Coombes and Year 5.

They have received the £25 first prize for their classroom.