What do I do if I think my child is being bullied?

Having your child come home in tears and say they are being bullied is one of the most soul destroying things for any parent.

We understand that children do fall out with each other, and we work hard at solving the problem and restoring the relationship between the children.

Bullying is………
the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power

This is taken from the definition of bullying by Birmingham Bullying Reduction Action Group.

Where we suspect bullying is taking place, and parents can be a great help in identifying this with us, we will act to make it stop.

We have collected together a number of resources which you might find useful to understand a little more about the nature of bullying and what you can do to support your child if you suspect they are being bullied.

It is by working together that we can support your child; helping them as they develop their relationships with others in school, and ensuring that where bullying occurs, that it is dealt with.