breakfast club

We aim to provide high quality provision for your child from 8.00am to 5.45pm through our Breakfast and After school clubs.

In addition, we provide extra-curricular clubs to enrich your child’s experience at Fairway.

On these pages you will find information about what is happening this term, how to book and downloads of the forms you will need.

What is Breakfast Club?

Breakfast club is a great way to start the day at Fairway. It starts at 8am every morning that the school is open and provides a healthy breakfast and time to relax or play with friends. It is run by our own staff and so you can be sure that your child will have a safe and happy start to every day.

What do we do at Breakfast Club?

We meet together and play games, eat our breakfast and hmake things. When the weather is good we can go out into the quad to play with balls and hoops but when its raining we play indoors. Since our chickens came, we have been in charge of collecting the eggs!!!

What do the kids think of Breakfast Club?



‘I have a great time with my friends’

How do I book Breakfast Club?

Breakfast club is very popular and so booking in at the office is a good idea.


Fairway ‘Fun-atics’ is available to any Fairway child from 3.15pm-5.45pm on every day that the school is open.

Your child can book in for as little or as much of that time as you need. If they stay beyond 4pm they will receive a light and nutritious snack to keep them going until they get home.

How do I book Breakfast Club and Fairway ‘Fun-atics’?

Booking forms are available from Mrs Mills in the office or as a download here Breakfast club and Fair Fun-atics. Because of the popularity of after-school club, and to help with catering, we ask that children are booked in advance , but we do accept telephone bookings on the day in an emergency.