Our children have worked very hard throughout 2016/17 and we are proud of them all.


From a baseline on entry of 28% GLD, Fairway children achieved 70% GLD

The Average Points Score was 35.63

Year 1 phonics results for 2015/16

73% of all pupils reached the required standard.

KS1 Sats

The overall picture for KS1 is that our children compare favourably with all schools nationally with the numbers of children reaching the expected level is reading, writing and , maths. We are still working with and supporting our children to get more of our more-able readers, writers and mathematicians to greater depth in their learning.

At the expected standard Working at greater depth
Reading 66% 17%
Writing 63% 10%
Maths 73% 17%





KS2 Sats

At KS2, our children have performed well when compared to all other schools nationally. We are especially pleased that we are above national figures for reading writing and maths combined for 2016/17


At the expected standard Working at greater depth
Reading 77% 30%
Writing 80% 20%
Maths 73% 20%
Combined R/W/M 66% 18%


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